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Study aim: Evaluating the therapeutic effect of Convalescent Plasma and Plasma-derived Immunoglobulin-enriched solution on COVID-19 Patients Design: A hospital-based, parallel-group, single-blind, and randomized controlled trial Settings and conduct: _COVID-19 patients (2 subgroups) & Controls: _Patients will treat with IV convalescent plasma and or plasma-derived immunoglobulin-enriched solution (PDIES), respectively. _PDIES will produce by an improved Cohn method. _Assessment of the patients' clinical and paraclinical improvement. Participants/Inclusion and exclusion criteria: _Inclusion criteria for the intervention groups:1- COVIDE-19 Patients who have specified COVIDE-19 clinical symptoms, the positive RT-qPCR test result, positive CT scan, and informed consent; and those who do not respond to routine treatments or are in critical condition. _Inclusion criteria for Plasma donors: patients who meet all of the following characteristics: 1- Individuals with a recovery period longer than one week after discharge, 2- negative RT-qPCR test result, 3- age ranged 20-45 years old, 4- Individuals who their tests result for Hepatitis B, C, AIDS, syphilis, HTLV-1, and influenza is 100% negative. _Exclusion criteria:1. Pregnant and Lactating Women, 2. Patients with/or with a history of dangerous underlying diseases 4, Individuals who exhibit specific allergic reactions to intravenous administration. 5. Smokers Intervention groups: Intervention group 1 & 2: Suspected COVID-19 Patients who meet all of the following characteristics: 1- Patients with clinical signs of COVID-19 2- The positive CT scan 3- A Positive RT-PCR Test Result 4- Patients who do not respond to routine treatment or are in critical condition. 5- Informed Consent Main outcome variables: Complete remission of clinical signs The negative qRT-PCR test Improved CT scan Normal levels of biomarkers
IRCTID: IRCT20200310046736N1