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This study is a randomized trial. It will especially assess the level of physicians’ knowledge, attitude and practice toward the prevention of oral diseases in children in Tehran and it will also assess the effectiveness of smart phone application in promoting children’s oral health compared with conventional methods of physicians’ continuing education in Tehran. Study population is a sample of general practitioners working in primary health centers in Tehran which are selected by census sampling method. First, baseline data of the physicians will be collected by the questionnaire. The sample will be randomly divided into two groups. While the first group (n=135) receives training through a smart phone application, physicians of the second group(n=100) will receive traditional CE. Interventions will be completed within 10 days after baseline data collection. First follow up would be performed 10 days after baseline data collection, and the second follow up would be done four months after baseline data collection. Follow up data collections would be done with the same questionnaire as baseline tool. Some questions on feedback of the training method will also be added to the follow up questionnaire. Each participant would enter a personal code in the both baseline and follow ups questionnaires in order to provide the possibility of measuring individual changes.
IRCTID: IRCT2016091029765N1
  1. The effect of interactive learning of health visitors and behvarzes in the field of oral health through smartphone software in comparison with the electronic booklet to promote oral health knowledge, attitude and self-reported practice
  2. Oral health promotion interventions based on Health Action Process Approach model among elderly in Tehran in 2021
  3. The application development and its effect on knowledge and care burden in caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease
  4. Designing and Evaluation of Theory based Intervention on Quality of life among parents of Autistic patients
  5. Designing and evaluating a smart phone application in children's oral health and comparing the effectiveness of mothers' education through this application with common teaching methods
  6. Effects of exercise training on depressive symptoms in patients with heart failure, reffered to Cardiac rehabilitation center of Shafa Hospital, Kerman University of Medical Science in 2016
  7. Evaluating the effect of gamified features in effectiveness of training mothers about child oral health care by smartphone application
  8. Evaluating the effect of using the most appropriate existing mobile health application and an innovative mobile health application to conduct a nutritional intervention study in pregnancy
  9. Effect of telephone follow up on pregnancy outcome and general health of mothers with Gestational Diabetes
  10. A Study to Determine the Impact of a Sleep Hygiene Intervention on Sleep Habits in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Comorbid Sleep Disorders